Thursday, 17 April 2014


Hi to all following the daily blog 
lovely weather the last few days where I am 
in Plymouth uk 
hope you are all well and having lots of crafting fun 

Now on to Day 4 
the best day for me I just love buttons 
and doing craft things with them could of played for hours 
well here is a few things I have made 

Project one 
just had to do a card 

To make this card I have used a pre scored card 
I have drawn my shape in pencil lightly so I could rub out when done 
I have used glue dots to stick the buttons and used the sticky gems for the middle 
I have used a promaker to create the stem and leaves and the fake stitch look around the edge  
I have added a stamped sentiment from my stash


Project 2 
hat pins or lapel pins 
I love making these and buttons are very good for them 
I have used my own lapel pins I found on Ebay 

I have used flat headed pins 

I have used some of my own buttons from my stash 
I have used a glue gun to stick the buttons on to the pins 

I have added some of the small gems to the centers

here are some others using buttons from my stash 
I have loved the little buttons lots you can do with them in so many different ways 
and at baker ross the have lots of different packs so go check the out 

Project 3 

I have used buttons some from my stash gems and glue gun and rings

I love the rings and want to do more things next week for you 
I think the super clay would work well so check out next week's blogs as well 
these rings are for any age to wear 

Project 4

I have used small buttons and some from my stash
I have used a glue gun to glue buttons together
and I have used brooches from my stash and glued with a glue gun
I have added some small gems to the centers

you could use baker and ross self adhesive badge pins and glue on for extra hold 

Project 5 
hair clips 
well I did say I love buttons so extra one today 

I have used small buttons and gems from baker ross and some buttons from my stash 
I have also used flower gem toppers 
and hair clips from my stash 

I have put the hair clip through the back of one of the buttons 
and used a glue gun on the rest 

I have loved button day
a very clean craft can be done anywhere
just need strong glue a glue gun is best 
and add imagination  
I hope you all have a go 
I would love to see what you have done 
please feel free to contact me with any questions 

have a happy Easter time 
pop back  for day 5 on friday 


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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel, Gorgeous projects, love the card, so pretty.

Hugs Erin x